Chivita juices not among one of the 45 juices with heavy metal!

Chivita juices not among one of the 45 juices with heavy metal

Chivita not among fruit juices with heavy metals

Nowadays, most of the people make it a point to include healthy drinks like fruit juices (especially sugarfree fruit juices) in their daily diet to endorse a healthy lifestyle. But not all are aware of the fact that few companies which claim to offer healthy drinks often forget to mention the presence of heavy metals found in their fruit juices.

According to the latest report out in the media, experts from Consumer Reports have claimed that fruit juices indeed contain heavy metals in the 45  popular lists of packaged fruit juices which are marketed extensively in the market. Metals like Arsenic, Lead & Cadmium are easily found in good quantity. Although juice intake can be once in a while, regular intake for the long term may lead to a serious health issue and may also lead to health risk, like cancer and kidney problems.

Generally, heavy metals find a way to  enter your food through the means of air, soil, and water. These metals also get included in your food and drinks during the manufacturing and packaging process and harm the body.

One of the popular brands in the juicing industry Chivita , it was found that the Chivita juices marketed and produced by Chivita are exception among these 45 different juices tested by the consumer department. As claimed and marketed Chivita juices did not contain any heavy metals like the other juices. It was found to be purely organic and chemical free as the company claims. It is ideal for daily consumption to enhance the metabolism in the daily life. Fortunately the fruit juices offered by them are found to have a good taste and is ideal for those who are into fitness and are wanting to control their body weight.

While, the Juice Products Association board members which includes members from Pepsico said that the complete results were not yet seen and also they have mentioned these results are unfounded, as the company tries to provide nutritious and safe drinks that meet with the FDA standards.

The authorities of the Juice Products Association have additionally pointed out that they have not found any trace of heavy metals in their fruit  juices and also there has been no scientific evidence stating that presence of heavy metals in the food have adverse effects on ones health.

On the other hand, the director of environmental pediatrics has stated that there are certain points in life where the exposure to even smallest amount of such heavy metals can disrupt the hormone system.

While the consumer department authorities have requested the parents to lower or completely avoid giving such juices that contained high level of metals in them, there are few juices produced by certain companies like Chivita which are found to be absolutely free from such cancerous heavy metals in our fruit juices and is safe for daily consumption.

In fact, they have recommended the parents to swap the juices to something organic and healthy like chivita. Consumer reports have also stated that their results are spot check and one must not draw conclusions about any specific brands based on these tests. We believe brands should focus more on consumer’s health rather than mutual competition to dominate the market. We all are here to serve for the betterment of the society.

If you haven’t tried the fruit juices offered by similar brands who offer organic fruit juices, try them right away and witness the difference within a week of consumption. Drinking healthy and organic fruit juices like pineapple, apple, orange juices reduces the risk of health related disorders, boosts immunity and improves digestion significantly. Let us know your experience after switching to organic brands.