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Our Brand Promise

We meet the needs of everyone looking for a piece of undiluted Nourishment and Refreshment to empower them for Healthy Living.

Our Consumers

We offer uncompromising quality, pure freshness, and healthy nutrition to children and adults, who seek a connection to nature from a trusted partner that supports their quest for active healthy living.

Our Competitive Environment

We are leaders of the fruit juice category in Nigeria. We lead the market in innovation, quality, product range, transparency, honesty, and care for our consumers. We are trail blazers and continually demonstrate excellence in all we do.


Refreshing Healthy Goodness of
Nature at its Purest

Quality has another name

Incorporated in 1980, CHI Limited is a market leader in the food & beverage sector in Nigeria. Each of its product offerings within the juice & dairy beverages and snacks categories in which it operates are category leaders which are loved for their great taste and high quality nutrition.


With our ISO 22000 certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, CHI deploys advanced processing and internationally certified technology that automates our production processes to ensure that the goodness in the ingredients provided by Mother Nature remain intact and fresh until you buy the final product from the store.


We are leaders in the Fruit Juice
Category in Nigeria

Rich in dietary fiber, fruits and vegetables also help to improve the functioning of the digestive tract and other body organs.

Because fruits contain the right nutrients your body needs, they are your perfect partner in your goal to achieving optimum health and well-being.

Fruits keep the skin hydrated, supple, and radiant by nourishing it with essential fluids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables could help lower the risk of some chronic diseases.

We provide quality fruit juices for healthy living.