5 must have fruit juices to beat the Nigerian heat this Summer

5 must have fruit juices to beat the Nigerian heat this Summer!

Fruit juices you must try this summer to beat the Nigerian heat!

We all know the Nigerian weather, mostly warm and sometimes extremely hot and humid. Mostly people prefer the summer season over winters (don’t mind if you are an exception!) because of the warm temperature, beaches, outdoor games and much more. Even though there are many perks of the summers, staying outdoors for long period of time may lead to dehydration, indigestion, heat stroke, and skin diseases if you don’t take proper care of yourself. Your body constantly fight the summer heat to keep you cool and relaxed and you need to assist your body in this process by consuming lots of water, fruit juices or drinks and other healthy liquids.

In order to properly take care of your skin and body effectively and avoid all the health-related issues in summers switch to these healthy fruit juices which will help you fight the Nigerian heat without fun being compromised. Here are the 5 must have fruit juices you should try this summer.

5 Fruit juices you must try this summer


Apple Juice

Loaded with the essential vitamins and minerals Apple juice is meant to boost immunity and stamina over the period of time. It also improves the health condition of the body by improving skin condition, aid in weight loss, aid in healthy functioning heart & liver, improve digestion. Apple juices are also recommended for those who are diabetic. This hydrating fruit juice is one of the best health drinks which will protect you from the scorching heat this summer.


Orange Juice

Orange Juice a natural healthy juice which cures plenty of health condition. It boosts immunity and helps in fighting common cold and fever symptoms. It is considered as a great source of fiber thereby aids in digestion very significantly. It controls the blood pressure and cholesterol levels thereby helping the patients suffering from these health conditions to enjoy the summer without any worries. And yes! You must definitely read this dedicated article on 10 Benefits of Orange juice.


Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of the best refreshing fruit juices which is meant to hydrate the body during summers. The presence of essential nutrients makes it an ideal choice for drinking during summers  Coconut water is immensely helpful if dehydration happens. It balances all the vital nutrients present in the body and aids in the proper functioning of the body. It is also ideal for consumption for diabetic patients and aids in their well being.



Pineapple is said to be the choicest juice for fighting heart-related diseases. Drinking pineapple during summers can help you prevent heat stroke and keep your body temperature normal. It also aids in digestion and prevents bloating. Pineapple is found to be enriched with Vitamins B and C which is aimed at correcting the blood disorders that may disrupt the body functionality significantly.. This fruit juice has amazing health benefits and it should be consumed during summers.


Mango Juice

Mango juice is undoubtedly one of the tastiest fruit juices which offer amazing health benefits if consumed regularly. Mango juice is found to be a miraculous health drink for preventing skin related diseases. Drinking a glass of mango juice daily will improve the digestion and overall body immune system significantly.


These amazing healthy fruit juices are a power packed to provide the most amazing health benefits during the sunny days. If it is consumed regularly then everyone will be able to enjoy their summers without being lethargic and sick.

If you are looking for authentic brands that offer 100 percent real fruit juices which are devoid of any toxic chemicals or sugar then you can undoubtedly switch to 100% natural fruit juices offered by Chivitajuices as they are having only organic ingredients which are immensely beneficial for a healthy body. The Chivitajuices fruit juices are especially made for Nigerian people keeping the local weather in mind.

The fruit juices offered by the brand are ideal for those who are looking forward to shedding more weight and it is also ideal for those who do not wish to intake artificial sugar into their diet. Even if you are following a specific diet and nutrition having fruit juices daily will help you to improve body metabolism after an intense workout session at the gym.

Do not forget to stay hydrated by drinking ample amount of water and fruit juices and ward off all the summer blues out of the windows. Stay safe and hydrated this summer! Let us know your favorite juices in the comment section below!