Chivita 100% Real Apple


The juicy, crisp fruit flavor of a ripe red apple begs to be bottled. At chivita, we’re happy to oblige with this apple juice on blast because we’ve always been hard-core apple lovers. Remember, you can’t spell chivita without apple.

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[rt_tab_style radiant_tabsstyle=”three”][rt_tab_style_item radiant_tab_id=”1511a27d-b5b4-10″ radiant_tabtitle=”Description”]Delicious Tropicana 100% Apple Juice combines the taste, quality and variety you love – with the convenience and the 100% daily value of Vitamin C nutrition you want. Only 140 Calories per bottle. Good source of potassium & folic acid. Naturally fat and cholesterol free. The Tropicana story begins with Anthony T. Rossi, who arrived in the U.S. with just $25 in his pocket. He founded Tropicana in 1947 with the mission of making the goodness of the finest fruit accessible to everyone. He developed flash pasteurization and pioneered orange juice transport in 1970 via train from Florida to New York. As Tropicana continues to grow, we have Anthony Rossi to thank for creating the spirit of innovation and fresh thinking that continues at Tropicana today.[/rt_tab_style_item][/rt_tab_style]