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Six ways to keep fit at work

Are you in front of a computer all day long? Does your packed schedule leave little time for a workout? There are ways to squeeze in some exercise to get your body in top form even while in the office.

  • Don’t use the elevator. By taking the stairs, you can easily get your muscles moving, not to mention burn a lot of calories. It’s an inexpensive way to get fit.
  • Get moving. Why not get water from the farthest dispenser or use the photocopier on the other side of the office? Got to talk to a colleague? Visit his/her cubicle instead of calling her on the intercom.
  • Sit and stretch. Can’t leave your desk? Do some stretching exercises to relieve yourself of that stiff feeling.
  • Lift that weight. Get your hands on two reams of A4 paper, and use these as you would a pair of dumbbells.
  • Leg up. Do leg lifts while talking on the phone.
  • Out to lunch. Go out for a brisk walk instead of driving a car during your lunch break.

Don’t forget, keeping fit allows you to perform your job better.