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Happy Hour by Chivita (Totally Tropical)

Happy Hour by Chivita is a range of refreshing still drinks. Give your mood a boost with the ever refreshing Happy Hour. Every sip bursts into flavors that guarantee to keep you smiling.

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Happy Hour by Chivita Totally Tropical is a fruit drink made from a fine blend of some of the best tropical fruits like: Mango, Apple, Pineaapple Orange and Passion fruits. Every sip bursts into a refreshing flavour that guarantees to keep you beaming with smiles all day long.

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Energy 54 Kcal
Energy Daily % 0.0216
Total Fat 0g
Total Fat Daily % 0%
Sodium 0.012g
Sodium Daily % 1%
Total Carbohydrates 13g
Total Carbohydrates Daily % 10%
Total Sugars 0g
Total Sugars Daily % 0%

[/rt_tab_style_item][rt_tab_style_item radiant_tab_id=”717053f9-347a-5″ radiant_tabtitle=”Ingredients”]Water, Sugar, Tropical Fruit Compound (Mango Puree, Juice Concentrates of Apple, Pineapple, Orange and Passion Fruit, Antioxidant (E300), Orange Extract, Natural Flavouring, Stabilizer (E412), Colour (E160a) ). Acidifier (E330), Stabilizer (466)[/rt_tab_style_item][/rt_tab_style]

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