Nutritional Facts

Happy Hour by Chivita is made of fruity refreshing goodness.

Each sip of Happy Hour by Chivita bursts into flavors that guarantees to keep you smiling!

Together with friends, pour out the Happy Hours and enjoy more bursts of refreshment.

Refreshment & Fun

On the quest to live a happier, healthier lifestyle, everyday fun is an essential option!

So eat, drink, live, play and enjoy more merriment and refreshment

With Happy hour fun, here are some simple ways to add excitement to your life:

  • Smile – Smiling simply makes you feel good. It also makes you and everyone around you feel more cheerful.
  • Laugh More – Laughing reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure. Yes! Laughter really is the best medicine!
  • Hangout more – Take a little more time out with friends and family and enjoy quality fun moments
  • Travel – activate your wanderlust and explore the world of excitement and everyday adventure to fun spots with your buddies!
  • Poolside fun – no excuses, no limits! Dive into juicy pools of refreshment to splash out more fun!
  • Frolicking – get up, start now! Bring on the festive mode. Why wait for the weekends to enjoy the happy hours?
  • Nonstop Music – blasting tunes, strumming guitar, karaoke and the drum circle tunes you into the refreshing happy hour.
  • Cheer More – victories are more reasons to celebrate; play it cool with applauds.
  • Share memoirs – enjoy the good life making memories over a perfect setting with happy hour.
  • Go natural – no additives, all natural! Refresh yourself in the beauty of nature.
  • Holiday – take a break off the routines! Pep your enjoyment with the juicy experience of happy hour.

Variants & Ingredients

Happy Hour comes in 5 refreshing variants:

Totally Tropical

Splashing Apple Peach Pear

Peach Pop

Guava Cheer

Groovy Kiwi Mint Lime

Available in 1 Litre, 500ml, 315ml and 180ml pack sizes.

Also part of the Happy Hour range include:

Chapman Happy Hour (Available in 150ml pack size).
Frooty Happy Hour (Available in 100ml pack size).